Learn What is SEO and what SEO is all About

Learn What is SEO and what SEO is all About

Well if you look at word “SEO”, it means “Search Engine Optimization”. Now second though would comes in what the hell is SEO all about, why every second websites, magazines, book store, online stores, e-Portfolios, E-albums and Blogs need to be SEO compliance? This is a one million worth question and answer can be considered as bigger than one million worth easily.
Learn What is SEO and what SEO is all About
Lets see who you get it. You are roaming around new city, where you have never been before. You need to know three most important things, Place to stay at nights, Place to Eat and dinning and Places to see and explore but you cannot reach all three unless and until you hire a guide.

You can follow the sign boards and can get the info from people walking around but still you need to have solid beacons and hints so that you can reach out for the destination.

Same situation goes for the Websites and blogs etc, when they are published and the specific area and web space and point is located for the specific website, second would owner of the website wants is the traffic toward its website so that it would help in generating some revenues from the internet customers and users. This is the situation where “Search Engine Optimization” comes in play. Search Engine Optimization is the feature, which picks the beacons and hints of the users and surfers search commands, words and provide him relevant information, which leads to his desired destination.

So the simple definition would be, Media which redirect the users and surfers to the desired content or location is called as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while using different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Hence it is obvious that if any internet portal and website, even forums are placed on web space without making it SEO compliance, will be useless and it will be very important to Learn how to Make SEO compliance Websites, Forums and Blogs etc

To Learn how SEO works is a different story and will be shared as the time progress. Stay in touch because we are going to post lot more things about SEO, SEM and moreover we are going to discuss Google panda and how to recover from it. As you know after Feb 2011 all the blog facing this problem. So stay in touch, could be it is your site we are going to do case study with it

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