Advised Ads Placement for Google Adsense- Maximum Revenue

We have been providing our advisory services for Blogs and most of them simply asked what would be Best Ads Placement for Google Adsense for getting Maximum Revenues via CTR and Impressions. We provided them with best of our knowledge and through that specific experience we came up with some best Ads Placement Format in post and on the main page of the Blog. We know Adsense user do follow the Webmaster tools and the Adsense advised Ad format but it is little tricky to adopt straight away the advised.

But the few tips we can give a well , which are very easy to adopt and to select. The below mentioned Ad format i widely used, as every second person tends to get as many ads placed on his blog which is entirely wrong and this is against Search Engine Optimization a well. So here we going to learn how to adopt easiest Ads Format and placement which will earn you very good, whether you select Adsense or any other Publisher. Now here is a example which is widely used around the globe without knowing any thing.

Here is an example, where people use ads every where and on every possible place but this certainly not a good idea. Because search engine boot crawl on the page should not get ads java code instead of php or html code and the content written on it. Crawlers now a days are modified to read quality content rather then reading Ads. And the Search Engine now has algorithm to read and prioritize the quality and original content so user should facilitate that Search Engine crawler as well.

Users should not place ads every where as shown in the picture on the left side.


Now here is a little better in your opinion and much much Ads Placement format in our opinion.  Where you can clearly see that only two ads placed. One inside content and other one on the side bar. It is better to place one ads code in content because it would facilitate reader and to the search engine crawler that it can find content more than Ad code and the Reader would be in a state of mind that Publishers and the writer want to reader to read quality in the content rather than he want to click on the ad.  Here is the example how you can mix ads with the content but keep in mind only one Ad in the content if you mix with us. But you can place two Ad on the sidebar unlike the right side picture but recommended is only one Ad placed on sidebar.


Guy lat but not the least, here is the Ad placement formation for the Main page but if you have Search Engine Optimized Blog, there will be less hit to the Main page and maximum will be on the individual, which shows that what ever you write is a quality content and getting search engined traffic.

If you want to learn about SEO, you can follow our writeup from here . Top of the line is Learn how to write SEO compliance Content and this is the only possible way to attract traffic on your Blog.

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    Google to Retire Hosted Domains Product within AdSense… What you say???

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